https://www.betahinajaweb.com/ is a web site to learn to play the guitar with ease and fun. This site is managed by a young guitarist who comes from the State Indonesia.

The first line on June 04, 2017 and officially established on December 26, 2017. At that time the site content is less flexible due to the limited administrators to enter their content. But over time, some friends joined in making chord favorite songs.

But this time, we are very serious about making chord for the latest songs are still fresh. For even more fun, the site is equipped with a variety of interesting features, including among others: Auto Scroll, Version 12 Chord, Filter lyrics, download button, images of the guitar, and much more.

The plan in the next few days, will be further developed for ukulele chord, bass, and piano. But of course it requires more power, because the work becomes more complicated. For that we will try as much as possible so that users of the site were not disappointed.

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